5 Immediate Benefits of a Home Maintenance Schedule

Happy HomeAfter reading one of my latest posts The ONE Thing All Homeowners Must Do, you may be wondering why I so desperately want homeowners to create a home maintenance schedule. It’s because I care about you! Here are the top 5 immediate benefits to you will see when you create and adhere to a home maintenance schedule.

Reduced stress and anxiety in your daily life. Having a tidy, peaceful, and happy home is a huge element in general happiness and well-being. Our homes have the potential to be our sacred space, our refuge. But they can also become just another thing we aren’t tending to that we know we should. If you commit to a home maintenance schedule, and slowly but surely get on track, I can pretty well assume that your quality of life will increase because your stress will go down. You’re welcome.

You get to enjoy your home right now while you are actually living in it! I see this happen time and time again. Mr. or Ms. Seller call me to list their home. We consult and make some lists – they have more than a few things to do on their house. They spend weeks to months making repairs, re-painting their house, organizing their closets, selling unnecessary furniture, cleaning out their garages, etc. When the house is finally ready to list and entice new buyers, the sellers are wondering why they didn’t do this years ago so they could relax and enjoy their peaceful home. They always wish they had done this years ago.

Save YOU money. Regular AC tune-ups can make your units live a longer life. Trimming trees away from the roof can save you time on your roof and the cost of pricey roof repairs and leak damage repairs. Changing your air filters can also make your HVAC units last longer. Even organizing closets and medicine cabinets help so you know your inventory and spend less money at Target. How many times have you bought a box of Q-tips or band-aids only to find a week later that you already had a box hidden behind the clutter? Ultimately, home maintenance will save you money when you are going to sell your home. A well-maintained home will show better, sell faster, pass inspections easier, and close quickly. And more money for you, the seller!

Make your home a top contender among buyers when you are ready to sell. I work with a lot of home buyers, and most are looking for a move-in ready home. If they are open to doing some work to the house, then they want a hefty discount. Most sellers want to get top dollar for their home, which is most likely their biggest investment, so why not? When buyers look at homes, they notice everything. They instantly start making a list of what they would need to do. For the things they cannot see, the home inspector will make his (or her) own laundry list of items for the buyer to review. I have to say, inspection periods can be the most stressful part of a transaction. I see sellers time and time again making expensive repairs or lowering the price of their home based on the repair requests from buyers during the inspection period. Bottom line, when home buyers walk into a house that is clean and clearly well-maintained, they have fewer objections to the home. They can see the house is ready for them. Houses like this are not the norm, so having a stand out house to buyers means fewer days on the market, higher sales price, less negotiation during the inspection period, and an unlikely cancellation during the inspection period based on the condition of the home.

Bottom line, making the effort to invest time and a little money in the maintenance of your home will not only make you feel better now, but it will also make you feel better when you are ready to sell.
When is your next move? It’s never too early to consult with me and make a plan! My time is yours, so feel free to be in touch with any real estate related questions or planning.  Danielle O’Connell, HomeSmart Elite Group – 480.201.7466 or DanielleOConnell16@gmail.com

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