Danielle’s Do-It-Yourself Home Maintenance Checklist

These lists are not long or daunting…unless you never do them! Set a schedule to regularly take care of your home. Remember, for most of us, our home is our biggest asset.


  • Make your bed
  • Pick up dog waste
  • Rake gravel
  • Sweep front and back porches/patios



  • Trim trees, bushes, and all foliage away from house (no touching)
  • Clean out your gutters and remove debris from your roof
  • Plant flowers or replace plants that have died
  • Change air filter(s)
  • Clean-out and organize medicine cabinets
  • Clean-out and organize closets
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Wash windows



  • A/C unit service
  • Roof inspection
  • Seal your roof
  • Duct cleaning
  • Power wash exterior of your home
  • Apply fresh paint whenever it is needed or desired for an updated look
  • Ask yourself is there any need for home upgrades that your budget can allow?

Want this list to download in checklist form? Just email me at danielleoconnell16@gmail.com. Need a referral for a handyman, roofer, HVAC contractor???  I’ve got them!

Taking good care of your home will always – even if you’re not planning to sell – benefit you on so many levels. Next week I’ll be posting 5 Immediate Benefits of a Home Maintenance Schedule. As always, I would love the opportunity to work for you or your referral. Please use me as a resource for any real estate-related questions or needs. 480.201.7466 danielleoconnell16@gmail.com

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