The ONE Thing All Homeowners Must Do

Whether you have owned your home for one month, one year, or even twenty years, there is one simple thing that will benefit you now and when/if you choose to sell your home. Surprisingly, many homeowners overlook it. This basic request will:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life;
  • Help you to enjoy your home while you live in it;
  • Save you money [*ears perking up*]; and
  • Make your home a top contender among buyers when you are ready to sell, even if that isn’t for years to come.

The simple fact is this: how you live in your home today will, in fact, make a difference in your financial bottom line down the road.

Enough of the suspense… it is.  As an experienced Phoenix Real Estate Agent, I beg of you, please keep a current home maintenance schedule.

Home maintenance means:

  • have annual AC service,
  • regularly clean out your gutters and remove debris from your roof,
  • trim trees and all foliage away from your house,
  • pick up your dog’s poop,
  • rake that gravel,
  • apply fresh paint whenever it is needed or desired for an updated look,
  • regularly clean your house (shocking!),
  • change your air filters,
  • purge your medicine cabinets,
  • seal your roof,
  • have your roof inspected annually,
  • organize closets,
  • update or upgrade your house as your budget allows,
  • power wash the exterior of your house,
  • wash windows,
  • have your air ducts cleaned,
  • and the list goes on.

Does this seem overwhelming?  I’ll let you in on a secret – it doesn’t have to be at all! Sit down this Saturday morning with a cup of coffee on your back patio or your favorite chair in the house and make two lists. The first list should be of all the immediate repairs, clean-ups, and clear-outs needed. The second should be a long-term list of maintenance needed throughout the entire year. Now make a schedule to get these done month by month so that by the end of the year, your house is looking great, you feel relaxed, and if you suddenly decide to move, you are nearly ready to put your house on the market. If you want to spread out the work, schedule 2 hours per weekend for small home projects. If you’d rather just take one weekend day a month, then schedule out 8 hours on a Saturday to get it all done.

Don’t have enough time? Make the list, and I have a fabulous handyman that I can refer you to. Make your list and schedule him to come out one day a month to take care of your checklist. There. Done! That was easy!!

And I have even made it easier for you!  Next week I will post “Danielle’s Do-It Yourself Home Maintenance Worksheet.”  It is simple and I am always willing to help you get going on this important step!

Have an awesome week, and, as always, I would appreciate the opportunity to help you or someone you know with any real estate needs you may have!

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